Tools to Support Your Government Relations Work

A relatively new government of Canada tool, developed by the Treasury Board Secretariat, is a data visualization tool that allows Canadians access to key metrics on government departments, how they spend their money, deliver on their programs, the impact of their programming, and information related to their human resources. This tool is the GC InfoBase, and is a great resource to inform organizations’ government relations strategy development. There is a bit of a learning curve to using this tool, but it’s always encouraging to see new transparency initiatives. As always, JN Clarke Consulting is available to support organizations in navigating this and other tools to inform their government relations work, and for many of the firm’s retainer clients, regulator monitoring of the tool is a service that we will be providing.  

A tool that is not new, but that many people don’t know about or use, is a public database of all of the projects that the federal government has funded, available on This resource is excellent to explore all of the different funding commitments made over the last 15 years from different departments in different sectors; another great tool to get a sense of what is going on out there, what is the government working on, what have they funded, and a resource to use when conducting your own homework on potential funders for your organization.

At JN Clarke Consulting, we are happy to support you by conducting this search, analysing the results and presenting it to you in a readable and clear format.

Would you or your team benefit from having our support to improve your government relationships? We offer strategic assessments, monthly support, workshops and training, depending on your needs.

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