What is the value of Government Relations?

What do we mean by Government Relations?

Government Relations refers to the process of building and maintaining relationships between an organization and various levels of government (federal, provincial/territorial and municipal) in order to influence public policy and decision-making, including grantmaking and funding.

GR efforts can include lobbying, advocacy, and communication strategies. The goal is to ensure that the organization’s interests are represented in government policy and legislation.

Why should you have a GR strategy for your organization?

To ensure that your organization is:

  1. Top of mind for government funders who are looking to implement partners.
  2. Well prepared for any proposal opportunities that may arise.
  3. Able to influence policies and decisions that are related to your values and practice.

GR Strategy for Success

  • Strategic positioning: Making sure your organization is in the right place, at the right time, to attract government funding.
  • Influencing: Shaping and directing government policy towards specific thematic and funding priorities
  • Profiling: Building up the positive profile of your organization with the public and government decision-makers.
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