Learn all you can about your sector!

If you want to position your organization effectively with government, it helps to learn all you can about other organizations in your sector. What are their priorities? What kind of funding have they received from government? This issue will give you some useful tips on where to find information on other organizations!

We recommend you scan these sources regularly to keep track of new information relevant to your work.

  • Federal Lobby Register Database: Organizations that are registered as lobbyists are required to file monthly communication reports that are searchable on the database. This is a great way to see who other organizations are meeting with. Find it Here
  • Departmental press releases and social media: This can give you the most current information on funding announcements, meetings and who is participating in events, discussions and programs
  • Organizational Websites and Social Media Accounts: Websites can tell you a great deal about branding and positioning. Social media accounts can give you information about government meetings and visits.
  • Imagine Canada Standards’ Program: Lists organizations that meet Imagine Canada’s standards for: Board governance, Financial accountability and transparency, Fundraising, Staff management and Volunteer involvement. Find it Here
  • Charity Village’s Nonprofit Sector Salary and Benefits report: Though this is a paid report, it maybe possible to arrange for your organization to purchase it. Even if you have access to a slightly older copy, it can be a helpful benchmarking tool to compare compensation. Find it Here

At JN Clarke Consulting, we are happy to support you by conducting this search, analysing the results and presenting it to you in a readable and clear format.

Would you or your team benefit from having our support to improve your government relationships? We offer strategic assessments, monthly support, workshops and training, depending on your needs.

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