Government funding success for charities and non-profits

Canadian charities, foundations and nonprofits need to work effectively with government partners. They need to win new funding and sustain existing funding. They need to influence policy and make change. JN Clarke Consulting is here to help.


Our Values

1. Feminist and 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive: we want to make sure that women and gender diverse people’s interests are
prioritized in all that we do, and that women’s rights and leadership are upheld.

2. Anti-Racist: We want to consciously and deliberate work to dismantle racism and systematic oppression; we are always
open to learning and improving.

3. Decolonizing: We acknowledge our position as settlers on Indigenous land. We are committed to listening, learning
and putting into action meaningful work towards reconciliation (this includes a commitment to donating a % of revenue
to indigenous causes).

4. Integrity: We are committed to doing what we say we will do, and to communicating openly, honestly and
transparently with clients.

5. Excellence: We are committed to delivering high quality work, aligned to our clients needs, in a timely and cost-efficient


Rachel Logel Carmichael

Director, International Programs, Save the Children Canada
"Jesse Clarke brought great value to our organizational planning processes at Save the Children Canada. She was able to work with a diverse array of staff to surface and synthesize key recommendations to inform our planning and strategy, and she did so using her vast experience in the international development and non-profit sector. I enthusiastically recommend her services to others looking for senior-level expertise in organizational process review and development and I am certain that we will be calling on her services again.